Wednesday, April 12, 2023


Over the years he's turned cynical,
A bitter wryness with touch of humour;
He knows all about everything,
He's been there, done that, seen the world!

His knowledge is unquestionable,
In its wideness and it's  also deep;
But he exhibits a naivete,
In some things, one suspects if that's real!

He's settled inside his native land,
With a few hundred acres to farm;
Away from the idiots outside,
About whom he keeps well informed!

He comments from deep inside the farm,
On events Indian and 'cross the world;
While tending to his trees and cattle,
In chaste Bihari with his labour!

Is he an esthete turned rustic,
Or a farmer turned encyclopedic,
Man of the world turned cynic,
Or  traveller who's come back home?

Whatever he is, it's nice,
To see his considerable girth,
In knowledge as well as in size,
Shishir is a man of true worth!

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