Friday, April 26, 2024

Use Your Finger

Use your finger
To vote for progress, 
Against the forces of regress,

Use your finger, 
To reject appeasement,
At the cost of everyone else, 

Use your finger,
To stop the unchecked loot,
We suffered since our nation took birth, 

Use your finger, 
To give more time,
To those with honest intent, 

Use your finger, 
To reclaim the pride,
That is ours by right, 

Use your finger,
To protect what is yours, 
By right and inheritance,

Use your finger ,
To protect home and hearth,
From being broken or burnt, 

Use your finger, 
To reject throwing money, 
In freebies that are not earned,

Use your finger,
To guard against partition,
That they would foist upon us, 

Use your finger, 
To keep from breaking,
Our country one more time, 

Use your finger, 
To reject the Hand that misleads,
Along with all of their ilk,

Use your finger ,
And allow to bloom,
The Lotus in each one of us,

Use your finger,
To reclaim our temples, 
From ruins and barbarians,

Use your fingers, 
To stop the return, 
Of the masters of loot and run,

Use your fingers, 
To show your true clout,
Which to yourself was hidden, 

Use your fingers,
To enable once more, 
Ramrajya: the rule of the just! 

Thursday, April 25, 2024

In the train from Bangalore to Coimbatore, I am reading this "in train"  magazine placed on the rack near the seat.

The Railways are learning! The articles are typical photo heavy shallow stuff, and they are liberally peppered with words like biodiversity, sustainability, responsible tourism, carbon neutral, etc. 

Meanwhile, vendors keep passing selling chai, samosa, chikki , etc.

India is always a great study in bridging contrasts and blending diverse things into one sensory heavy experience. 

I am now waiting for sustainability and ecological responsibility brochures next time I pass through Dharavi. We are beating the goras at their own game...

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Ruminations on food

Don't count calories. It's a waste of time. 

Don't look at nutrition labels on food packages. It's a waste of time. 

Salt being bad for health is a myth. Just have the right kind of salt, which is raw sea salt or rock salt, and forget worrying about salt. 

Saturated fat being bad for you is a myth. Have ghee. And butter. Eat ghee. Drink it. Cook in ghee. The entire "science" of cholesterol is complete nonsense.

Avoid white sugar. Take it as close to zero as possible. You can use gud or other traditional sugars. There are dozens of varieties in India. 

Statins or blood thinners do no good. They only cause harm. Irrespective of what your doctor is telling you, throw your statins into the dustbin. 

Have honey. And sugar cane juice. Even if you are diabetic. 

If you have allergy problems, or auto immune disorders, or anything that refuses to go away, try dropping  milk and wheat from your diet. There is a good chance that your problems will disappear.

Avoid foods which have preservatives and chemicals added in them. 

Trace all foods to the source, as far as possible. Where grown, if fertilisers and pesticides used, when harvested, etc. for processed foods, what process, how processed, what additives, what preservatives. Once you attempt to do this , you will never eat any food that is processed. Or, even if you do, you will stop telling people not to smoke. Processed food is more unhealthy than smoking.

Biscuits are processed food. So are store bought attas/ flour. Cool drinks are not food. Pasteurised homogenised milk is processed food. Etc etc. the list is long. They are all poisons.

A long list of don'ts is difficult to remember. You can replace it with a short list of do's. Which is: 

Buy only what grows. 

Buy only cold pressed oils, non white sugars namely guds, raw unprocessed salt. And A2 milk. 

Reduce grains in the diet to the extent possible. 

Eat light at night. 

Eat only while hungry. 

Eat only while in a good frame of mind. 

Practice mindfulness while eating.

Cook food yourself. And eat it fresh. Any cooked food that enters the fridge is not fresh. 

Eat only half stomach. 

Fast once in a while. 

You want to still summarise it further, then it will help think of it as follows. 

Consider your food as prasad, an offering to the Gods. 

What precautions will you take if you are cooking for your God? 

That's it. That one thought puts the whole thing in perspective, and the right actions follow. 

A lot of progress in a lot of areas in life depends not on rushing forward, but  on going back, peeling the layers, and simplifying. 

Go back to the basics. Go back to your elemental nature. Reject all that is not pure. 

It sounds simple, and it is. But it is far from easy.

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Ah! Gold!

Retail gold sales are shooting up. See this link: 

Sensible. Everyone needs gold in their portfolio. 

1) Gold is the one asset that  is the ultimate backup. In case of a dystopian end of the world situation, only two things will  help, gold, and guns.  

2) We are talking physical gold of course. 24 carat .999 purity, real, solid, gold biscuits. 

3) Gold has a negative correlation to other asset classes,  and is good from the diversification perspective. 

4) It is a hedge against the depreciation of local currency against the dollar.

5) There is a limited supply of it and it cannot be made in the lab.

6) It is easy to store, hide and carry. One hundred grams gold is the size of a small glucose biscuit, and the value is Rs. 7 lakhs.

7) Physical gold is outside Big Brother's radar. The additional bonus is that it is highly tax efficient.

8) Gold in ETF form, or as SGB's, tick some of the boxes, but don't tick all. Physical gold reigns supreme. 

9) I would suggest keeping 15 to 20 percent of your portfolio in gold. 

10) You will now ask, when is the right time to buy? The right time to buy is always now.

11) The right time to sell is never, or when you need the money. 

12) Physical gold is also hugely satisfying. Try holding a gold biscuit in your hand, you will feel a tingle run down your spine. That is a message from the Universe that you need to own gold for your well being and happiness.

Friday, April 5, 2024

Bill Gates admits that covid was just a flu

See the link :

Pharma lobby and deep state are colluding. This pandemic was planned long back. The objective is to destroy people's confidence, mind control, and extending state control over the population. 

People are idiots. 

Doctors and scientists are greedy, and are idiots.  They are either colluding with the lobby or have been completely fooled. Considering that I l, as a layman , could see all this *before* the vaccine was even launched, the doctors and scientists are in short, evil greedy bastards. 

People are wired to panic under certain circumstances. They have been conditioned to listen to authority figures. Throughout history, authority figures have been bought and people have been made complete ch,*"*'*s of. 

Does this mean we have learnt our lessons? No. 

This will repeat. Next time the virus will be a little more deadly. But , as always, the consequences of taking the vaccine will be deadlier.

It does not require any intelligence, nor even application of logic beyond common sense level to see that social distancing and wearing of masks (a) do not  help in the least and (b) are severely harmful. But people will refuse to see that. 

As to why the deep state is doing this, there are several possible reasons, and all of them get into the realm of conspiracy theories.