Friday, February 19, 2016

Apple's courageous stand

Apple has taken a courageous stand against the US Govt. and the FBI, in deciding to fight against giving the agency access to all data passing through its phones.

The problem with this kind  of thing is that the establishment will always seek to portray the person who disagrees as someone who can make the rest of the people unsafe or uncomfortable, like linking it to the shooting incident in this case.  The establishment always likes to present situations in a 'you are for us, or against us' kind of framework. The person who disagreed is labeled as unpatriotic - the definition of patriotism derived from very broad, sweeping motherhoods.

Stand Up and Fight!

The Government is God; to hell with God.
Big Brother is never ever wrong.
'Right' is what the majority want;
The others? Deviants, cow them down!

Democracy, motherhood, apple pie.
What is Right is often so trite.
No Right to Offend, and Gay Rights,
Weeping copiously at refugees' plight.

Ban cow slaughter. If it's Halal, it's fine.
Who laid down what is good, and what is right?
Why is disagreement a crime?
Or all things defined in black and white?

More conformity means more power,
To already entrenched Big Brother.
Not all motherhoods are always right.
Hail the deviants, who stand up and fight!

Dinesh Gopalan
19 February, 2016

Thursday, February 18, 2016

A good template for a news item!

This news item about Nitin Seth, former head of Fidelity in India, joining Flipkart as Chief People Officer caught my eye for two reasons. First, Fidelity is the place where I last worked, and second, for its use of motherhood statements.   (

A motherhood statement in my definition, is where you can replace [Nitin Seth] or [Flipkart] with any other name or organisation and it will still be applicable; these statements can be used across contexts, in a variety of places - basically, a cut and paste job - and, on closer reading, you realise you have been hit with a lot of high-sounding words but are no wiser!

Excerpts from the article:

In his new role, [Seth, or replace with any name here] will lead the [human resource function, or any other function you want ]and partner with the leadership team to build an organisation for the future that is versatile and adaptable and bring about a distinctive culture that will fuel business performance, a company release said on Wednesday

Commenting on [Seth's/ whoever's] appointment, [Binny Bansal, CEO of Flipkart / replace with your company's top honcho] said, "Nitin brings with him a unique mix of cross sectoral experience, deep understanding of business, entrepreneurial DNA and a long track record of building and nurturing winning teams.

I am confident that [Nitin / whoever ]will play a key role in enabling the team at [Flipkart / replace with your company name ] to fulfill our long-term mission of transforming commerce  in India through technology," [Bansal ]said. (funnily, this 'long-term mission' can be applicable even to Coffee Day!)

[Seth /anyone] said he was excited to be part of organisation that is 'using technology to transform how a billion customers shop online and creating a massive impact in the country'.

I thought only MNC's were good at wordsmithing of this caliber. Flipkart seems as good as any of them - a truly global Indian MNC in the making!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cholesterol is finally officially removed from Naughty List

See article below on cholesterol being removed from the list of substances harmful to the human body. The article makes for interesting reading. While it exposes one set of things that have been happening for the last so many years as a hoax; the ground is already being laid for another set of things to be perpetrated, all in the name of health.

I don't place much credence on the 'research' that has proved that saturated fats are not bad for health; just as I did not, when there was research conclusively proving that it is bad for health. This kind of research is not anyway useful; the entire body of 'research' on food and health that goes under the name of 'modern' is suspect.

Ayurveda has categorically stated that 'ghee or butter' is good, ages back. It was even recommended to give small amounts of butter to infants to aid in their brain development. Cooking in ghee or butter was advocated.

That brings us to the next topic: sugar and refined starches. They are saying these two are bad; so how is the industry going to react now? Not in any obvious way we would think is right, like telling people to go back to basic cooking and eating unprocessed foods - no, no, that way industry would die! And all industries like to perpetuate themselves; never mind what the cost is, in this case, the health of the whole planet.

What industry will do is to come out with 'findings' that artificial sweeteners are good for health; they want people to be continued to addicted to the taste of sugar, so this is the next obvious step. A lot of chemicals will get pushed into processed food (there are many already; this is now in the name of replacing sugar) in the form of alternatives to sugar. The attendant benefit of course will be 'low calorie' substitute! The unsaid assumption that will be left after all the advertising in people's minds will be 'sweet is good, maybe sugar is not; chemical substitutes are ok; zero calorie is good'. All of which assumptions are wrong. 

Watch already how many people reach out for their 'Diet Coke', which if anything, is likely to be more harmful than actual coke, which itself is a product that puzzles me a lot - carbonated drinks have no benefit whatsoever that I can think of, they are just coloured water with harmful carbon-dioxide and even more harmful chemicals added into them.

So we will now have 'diet pizzas', 'diet pedhas', 'diet breakfast cereals', etc. etc., the list is going to be long. 

What about refined starch being bad for health? It is bad for health, of course, but it will be interesting to see how the food industry is going to react to this. They will first refine all the stuff to nothing (which they have to ,of course), then 'add' "roughage" in the form of "macro and micro nutrients" packaged with 'organic roughage', etc. etc. and advertise all of that as good, which the power of advertising will ensure becomes accepted truth as 'good for health'. The food industry specialises in destroying something totally (e.g. removing the wheatgerm from the wheat, removing the roughage from it, adding chemicals to bleach it, preserve it, etc. to make atta) and then adding useless stuff later (which anyway is difficult for the body to assimilate) like 'added iron, vitamins, minerals' and calling it "Voila! Fortified Atta! Good for you and your family!!"  This is going to happen to more and more products now.

The sad part is, the answer is actually very simple. Buy your own wheat, preferably wholewheat, go the chakki and get it powdered, do not sieve the powder too fine, and use that for making the other stuff, all made at home of course. Avoid sugar to the extent possible. The amount you put in your coffee or tea is fine; the sweets should be restricted to festive occasions. Use ghee, and oils like til oil, coconut oil, and mustard oil, in your cooking, which you preferably buy cold-pressed. 

Do not buy any ready to cook, or ready to eat, or packaged food from the stores. They are likely to contain lots of fat, and of the wrong kind; lots of sugar, and of the wrong kind; and lots of salt, and of the wrong kind.

Talking of the right kind of sugar, try substituting sugar with jaggery/gud as much as possible; and banish table salt / processed salt (with or without the rubbish iodine added) from your house and buy unprocessed sea salt or rock salt for all your needs.

And stay away from whatever conclusions these 'researches' will arrive at next; they are only going to find new ways of justifying Processed Food made in Factories, all in the name of science!

And yes, those who are on statins, that life-long medication that purportedly reduces cholesterol, stop right away. It has no benefit what-so-ever, only a lot of harmful side effects. 

(the article I referred to is appended below)
Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and I do not claim what I say is backed by any kind of 'accepted, proven, research'.  But if you google, you will find lot of sources of 'traditional wisdom' confirming what I say. You are responsible for your own health; do not hand over the decision-making to the doctors!

Cholesterol is finally officially removed from Naughty List

The US government has finally accepted that cholesterol is not a
'nutrient of concern', doing a U-turn on their warnings

In the meantime of 40 years US Drug Industry in connivance with Health
Department made over 1.5 trillion US Dollars by selling cholestrol
lowering drugs. This fear probably caused death of a million gulliable
citizen who believe the US drug industry.

comment by Nikki Barri

Cholesterol has been on the "naughty" list of nutrients for nearly 40
years, with health officials warning us to stay away from
high-cholesterol foods since the 1970s to avoid heart disease and
clogged arteries.

"Full-fat dairy products and advocados are high in good fats."

But US officials have finally given the green light for a U-turn on
previous warnings, which means eggs, butter, full-fat dairy products,
nuts, coconut oil and meat have now been classified as "safe" and have
been officially removed from the "nutrients of concern" list.

The US Department of Agriculture, which is responsible for updating
the guidelines every five years, stated in its findings for 2015:
"Previously, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommended that
cholesterol intake be limited to no more than 300 mg/day.

"The 2015 DGAC will not bring forward this recommendation because
available evidence shows no appreciable relationship between
consumption of dietary cholesterol and serum (blood) cholesterol,
consistent with the AHA/ACC (American Heart Association / American
College of Cardiology) report.

"Cholesterol is not a nutrient of concern for overconsumption."

"Eggs are no longer on the 'naughty list'. "

The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee will, in response, no longer
warn people against eating high-cholesterol foods and will instead
focus on sugar as the main substance of dietary concern.

The 70s, 80s and 90s were the 'non fat' years, with the government
warning people to limit the amount of high-cholersterol foods in their
diets to avoid heart disease and strokes.

But nutritionists and scientists have long been campaigning for the
U-turn, which started with introducing "good cholesterols" back into
the 'safe zone'.

US cardiologist Dr Steven Nissen said: "It's the right decision. We
got the dietary guidelines wrong. They've been wrong for decades."

He esitmated that about 20 per cent of cholesterol levels in your
blood come from your diet, which means the rest is produced by your
liver and is actually needed by the body.

Dr Chris Masterjohn added:"Since we cannot possibly eat enough
cholesterol to use for our bodies' daily functions, our bodies make
their own.

"When we eat more foods rich in this compound, our bodies make less.
If we deprive ourselves of foods high in cholesterol - such as eggs,
butter, and liver - our body revs up its cholesterol synthesis."

"Nuts were previously thought to contain too much cholesterol."

Sugar has now been identified as the "worst" food culprit for health
problems, with GPs now focusing on weaning patients off the sweet

Cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra, who works with group Action On Sugar,
says a clamp-down on the food industry is next.

He said: "It's very clear that added sugar has absolutely no
nutritional value whatsoever and, contrary to what the food industry
want you to believe, the body doesn't require any carbohydrate for
energy from added sugar.

"And we know the food industry have been spiking our food with added
sugars. We also know that carbohydrates and particularly refined
carbohydrates - so carbohydrates that lack fibre, sugar being one of
them - have the biggest impact on insulin in terms of surges of
insulin in our body. And insulin is a fat storing hormone." So, in
summary, ditch your skinny latte for a full-fat latte and get some
avocados down you.

The Real Truth about Cholesterol

The majority of the cholesterol in you is produced by your liver. Your
brain is primarily made up from cholesterol. It is essential for
nerve cells to function. Cholesterol is the basis for the creation of
all the steroid hormones, including estrogen, testosterone, and
corticosteroids. High cholesterol in the body is a clear indication
which shows the liver of the individual is in good health.

Dr. George V. Mann M.D. associate director of the Framingham study for
the incidence and prevalence of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and its
risk factors states: "Saturated fats and cholesterol in the diet are
not the cause of coronary heart disease. That myth is the greatest
deception of the century, perhaps of any century"
Cholesterol is the biggest medical scam of all time.
There is no such thing as bad Cholesterol! Men of science have
abandoned truth for money. Attempting to control cholesterol is a
very, very dangerous practice that occurs in every hospital and
medical clinic daily.

By Ron Rosedale, MD
"Statin Drugs Actually Increase Heart Disease"

So you can stop trying to change your Cholesterol level. Studies prove
beyond a doubt, cholesterol doesn't cause heart disease and it won't
stop a heart attack. The majority of people that have heart attacks
have normal cholesterol levels.
By K.L. Carlson, MBA
Cholesterol guidelines have been created to increase pharmaceutical
profits, not to improve peoples' health. I know from my experience as
a pharmaceutical sales representative for a statin drug. We were
trained to emphasize to physicians the new lower LDL guidelines that
were ostensibly created by health experts. The truth is the majority
of the experts who created the lower guidelines have multiple
financial ties to pharmaceutical companies. One expert was found to
have ties to ten drug firms

fat content is less in our food we eat, our liver
Got to work more to maintain the level at 950 mg. If the cholesterol
level is high in our body, it shows the liver is working perfect.
Experts say that there is nothing like LDL or HDL.
….. Cholesterol is not found to create block any where in human body.
Why does it create block only in heart, where as calcium sediments
Block all over the body .. for example kidney, pancreas. Urinary
bladder, gall bladder etc etc

JNC VIII 2014 has also relaxed the BP target. Let live simple and
stress free... ( Forwarded as received)

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