Wednesday, January 11, 2023

A few thoughts on eating poha

Stopped on the way to Jodhpur airport just now at a local sweet and nashta joint for breakfast.

My co passenger wanted to buy Gewar. Fellow says, sir ye kal ka hai, fresh nahi hai, aap math khaiye. 

He checked about another item. The chap said it will become unfresh by the time you land, so please don't take it.

I love the Indians' focus on freshness in food!

Had a wonderful plate of poha followed by adrak wali chai, total bill thirty five rupees.

And our western Bhai log will have the same poha,

Heated, crisped, pulverised, with loads and loads of sugar, preservatives, chemicals, in a packaging with long shelf life, from only the best, most hygienic factories following good manufacturing practices, branded as Kellog's, , along with packaged orange juice from a factory, and coffee made with milk recoconstituted from milk powder and denatured, de "fatted", pasteurised, pulverised, homogenised, 

and feed it to their kids as something healthy,

And the kids, after eating such foods, will become obese and develop ADHD, both of which are of course diseases, the latter calling for mind altering drugs and the former for surgical intervention, 

And the modern urban progressive Indian elite will copy that lifestyle and frown upon their country cousins eating fresh poha , drinking fresh chai, and remaining lean and fit throughout their lives, and not spending any money in the process.

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Covid and the probability question

Probability of dying of COVID, if unvaccinated: low , but exists

Probability of dying of COVID if vaccinated: low, but exists

Probability of dying of unrelated causes directly due to the vaccine, that is, vaccine deaths: low, but exists

Probability of immunity and general health reducing with every vaccine you take , since the vaccine has several chemicals in it, all very harmful: one hundred percent

Probability of immune system becoming stronger due to unvaccinated person getting COVID: one hundred percent

Probability of data being manipulated to show lesser or nil deaths due to vaccine , and higher deaths due to covid in the unvaccinated: one hundred percent

Truth in the statement that the vaccine protects "others" : zero 

Probability that vaccinated people will get COVID, sometimes serious: significantly high

Probability that vaccine scare is another tool for mind control and authoritarian control:  think about it, the answer is quite obvious 

Probability that all this could have been foreseen and predicted from the beginning: one hundred percent, it is but immunology 101.

Probability that the vaccine is only effective against specific variants of specific viruses: one hundred percent

Probability that , if you accept the vaccine theory, you have to take a vaccine for every variant of every germ out there: one hundred percent

Probability that you cannot win the above game: one hundred percent

Probability that everyone finally has to die of something: one hundred percent


Killer jabs

Side effects of vaccinations, anecdotally,  are numerous.

Sudden cardiac failure is just one among them.

Don't look for the data, you won't get any. 

You can go into denial mode and refuse to accept what many  people have now started realising. Denial mode involves statements like "science doesn't say so", and "the government has not said so". The belief in "science", and "authorities", while being very endearing, is very endangering. 

Desperate denial mode, a natural human reaction, involves not wanting to look at the mounting evidence, and repeating to oneself, "all is well, all is well", because:

One has taken the vaccine,

All family members have taken the vaccine,

And, if you are a senior officer in any organisation, you have repeatedly endorsed the vaccine, admonished people who have not taken it, and been an active  part of the brigade implementing it in your organization. 

In such a situation, it is but natural that you do not want to see anything to the contrary.

Another reaction is to dismiss the whole thing as "it is over". 

It is not over. Khel to abhi shuru hua hai.

Face the facts.

Make up your mind about what you want to do for self and family.

If you are part of an organisation and responsible for implementing "vaccine mandates", prepare to operate in an illusory world. That should be easy enough if you have a lot of experience working in organisations.

Ar the very least, acknowledge that people should be able to make their own choice in the matter.

Sunday, January 1, 2023

Do I believe in God

I am an agnostic, while being a believer at the same time. 

It does not matter whether God exists or not, but it is good to believe in a higher force. 

Belief in a higher force  helps us to anchor ourselves to something beyond. Any anchor that rests on the reality that we experience around us will be unstable, for the reality that we experience is transitory. 

All life is transitory. So is the Earth, so is the Cosmos. Another illusory reality called time sweeps everything into its bosom, into oblivion. 

All this is very scary to contemplate. When you are in a ship being tossed around by the waves of the ocean, it is good to believe that there a shore. 

The Abrahamic Religions stop there. After this life, there is no other. You await the day of judgement. Which, if you think about it, is very very scary. There is no hope of redemption or making up, once you are dead. You just wait in limbo , for Allah or the father of Jesus, to judge you and cast you into heaven or hell for eternity. Both are difficult to contemplate, for while Hell can be terrifying, eternity in heaven is too boring.  How long can you keep strumming a harp and float around on clouds?

Hindu philosophy went much beyond that, beyond the concept of a single life, into multiple lives, each leading to the other, based on our past actions. You can be elevated to a God, and you can fall back into an inferior life, it all depends on you. The way to escape this cycle of rebirths has also been laid out. This template somehow feels fair and just. You are not judged once and confined to your fate forever.

You can believe in all the above,  karma, reincarnation, the works, and yet Hindu philosophy allows for not believing in God. 

After all, what is God but a personification of the Higher Force? 

Hinduism, while being infinitely more sophisticated in its philosophy, compared to any other philosophical or religious system on earth, also allows for multiple Gods, while postulating that there is only ONE ultimate reality. It seems paradoxical, but it isn't. The mountain is one, the top of the mountain is the destination, but the paths are many.

Depending on where you are, on your starting point, you choose your God, and your path. Since each of us differs in our state of evolution, each of us is at  a different starting point.

Hence, I believe in Sanatana Dharma, the deepest and most profound, most irrefutable philosophical system ever conceived. 

And I can be a staunch believer in Sanatana Dharma, while being a theist, an atheist, or an agnostic. It does not matter.