Friday, December 18, 2015


Some people are born to protest;
Rant and rail, at perceived injustice!
The holier-than-thou are thin-skinned;
At sligtest pretext, they bristle!

They set out to change the world - 
The System is always corrupt!
Starving, deprived furious martyrs,
With passionate belief in their right!

The underdog is at his best
Fuming at an unjust System.
The chips are wedged deep in his shoulder.
He will never get rid of them!

That castle does best which does not fight,
As he dashes against its thick walls;
But allows him entry inside,
And, as King, has him installed!

They then plot to undermine his rule.
One person, System does not make.
The very persons he fought against
Are needed to lend the throne its strength!

No king can be an idealist;
Politics is not a much liked word.
He will be cause of his own downfall,
Or, join the shadows he could not fight!

He who cannot show two faces,
One inside and one to the world,
Is not fit to be king, or to rule:
That's a different kind of psychopath!

Kejriwal will go down fighting
In a blaze of his own glory.
They'll needle him to burn himself out,
And he will, lighting his own pyre!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Cow in the Paddock

Free to graze, in verdant pastures;
Free to move in sunny vales;
Free to rest in shady bowers;
Alone, or with others of my kind!

Meeting, with those who might wish to,
By the side of flowing brooks.
Happy to greet the Farmer who comes,
To collect his bounty of my milk!

Those were the days, now long gone.
Now I'm confined to the paddocks,
With a million other cows, bound,
To, I'm told, Freedom, within walls!

No brooks, No fields, No sunny vales.
No meeting, a chance encounter.
I'm shown Visions of open spaces,
Doing my Mission that's my work!

The mission is to produce the most;
More than other cows in their paddocks.
There are boards, keeping count, shouting loud.
One who bleeds the most, gets the reward!

Once a year, I get to escape,
To the vast, green, open pastures,
Bringing back memories of the days,
When we were happy in verdant bowers!

All the other cows in the land,
Are now similarly confined.
In return for verdant greens, and air,
They're fed, and told: This is what is Freedom!

Friday, December 11, 2015

My two-hundredth blog post

This post marks my two hundredth blog post since I started writing  in November of 2008. 

It is good to reach a milestone,
A midway marker on the journey.
Arbitrary, in a continuum,
A number I infuse with meaning!

Random musings, notes to myself,
I thought fit to inflict on others.
I must admit it feels very good,
When some respond, proves that they read!

I don't know what two hundred means,
Except, I wrote, and will write more.
Writing also acts as a means,
To clarify, me, to myself!

Why this need to mark the journey,
When I don't know where I'm heading?
Why the need to look back and count,
How far it is, from the beginning?

How far does the road stretch ahead?
Maybe I don't really want to know.
'Tis enough: something to look forward,
Tomorrow again begins anew!

Why the "modern western" model of scientific research is faulty

Why the western model of scientific research is faulty, especially when it comes to research in medicine.  See article below:

After following one million women for ten years, the conclusion is that state of mind has nothing to do with health!  I have no comments on the research methodology - no doubt the researchers have followed all accepted norms of scientific testing.

But when the results fly against what you know to be true, it is time to question the model itself. When it comes to medicine, the research model doesn't work!

All religions have emphasised the connection between mind and bodily health. Yoga in its Yama Niyama says the same. Ayurveda and other medical systems have long ago recognised that state of mind, and happiness, have a big role to play in maintaining good bodily health. All traditional peoples have recognised this, it is part of wisdom that is handed down as the common heritage of mankind.

It is a matter of common observation that people who are depressed, etc.are susceptible to catch even a cold much faster; and other more serious ailments besides.

The last para is simply fantastic. Quote: "Peto said he doubted that the new study would change many minds because beliefs about the perils of unhappiness are so ingrained. "People are still going to believe that stress causes heart attacks", he said"!!!

When Salman Khan is acquitted of drunken driving, you wonder whether the whole Justice System has lost it. Similarly, when such conclusions are drawn, it leads us to wonder  - this is the science we have been depending upon to introduce all the new fangled medicines in the market, which are being pushed down people's throats - no wonder the world is becoming a much unhealthier place! The whole edifice is faulty!