Saturday, January 21, 2017

On Trump's inauguration

Every new dawn heralds a change,
What else is left for them but hope?
They hope this time it'll be different,
But somehow, their cheers ring hollow!

They are now a nation divided,
About the man they helped elect;
Bemused, they watched him take the post,
Even as he was derided!

He went from victory to victory,
Buoyed up by hate and invective,
And by one set of dispossessed,
Who didn't care how they wrought the change!

They watch in fascinated horror,
At this new being that has risen,
As an answer to their prayers,
from the sacrificial fires!

The were the ones who lit the fires,
And, chanting, poured in their oblations;
Now look at them transfixed in terror,
As they behold their own creation!

Dinesh Gopalan
21 January, 2017