Tuesday, September 1, 2020

The Covid scare is unjustified

All sample studies indicate that 25 percent to fifty percent of the population have antibodies. This means they have been exposed to the virus without showing  symptoms and without their own knowledge.

The total deaths as a percentage of "exposed" people is infinitesimally low. This proves beyond doubt that all of us should just go out and get the virus. But they are obfuscating, using bad logic, and using extremely deceptive arguments to still say that we need to try to prevent the virus from coming to us.

It is almost impossible to prevent. Most people who got it, I am sure , tried social distancing, masks, etc.

It reduces immunity to all the germs out there , if you do not practice "exposure"

Lack of deep bresthing is a crime against the body and against nature.

Vaccine will not help. Tomorrow, there will be newer and newer strains of the virus coming up.

Like any allopathic drugs , vaccines are harmful and should be taken only for deadly illnesses, not for viruses which keep mutating, and there are millions of them out there.

It is futile to wear masks, but people do it because it gives them a feeling that they are at least doing something.