Thursday, November 27, 2014


All wars are waged in name of peace,
All killing is for self defence.
To serve is the goal of office,
Election is poor recompense.

All food's sold in the name of health,
Natural is cheap, hence unsung;
The drugs follow, to stave off death,
Undo the damage the former wrung.

All armies march under a flag,
To sound of jingoistic drums;
It's always to protect ideals,
Never mind where, why and who from.

All drugs evolve to more complex,
Simple health being the reason.
It costs more and more to stay alive,
though things good for life don't cost much.

To keep ourselves fit we've evolved 
Complex machines for each part of us,
When all we have to do is walk;
slower, and treat life with sense of fun.

We march to the beats of faster drums,
Egging us on all day long;
Consider sleep a waste of time,
and insist peace is what we want.

We rewrite the myths that guide us,
To aim for money, fame and glory;
Ignoring the voice within us
That something is going awry.

Dinesh Gopalan
27 November, 2014

Monday, November 10, 2014

The shackles of the past

Memories of days gone by,
The triumphs of old, grudges of the past,
Hold me down, bog me down to what was,
What could have been, but didn't pass.

The people, who are all dead and gone,
The events, long transpired,
Hold me down, like quicksand, 
sinking deeper into the mire.

Each day is life born anew,
with glorious promise for the future.
Where is the child in me, that exclaimed,
at every flower that bloomed, in wonder?

Dinesh Gopalan
10 November, 2014