Sunday, August 26, 2018

This Harvard Professor is talking nonsense!

This Harvard Professor is talking nonsense


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"Coconut Oil is bad for health, since it is full of saturated fat, more than even meat!"  And who says saturated fat is bad for health? According to Ayurveda, ghee is one of the best foods for the human body. It is nothing but saturated fat. Coconut oil has been had for ages in Kerala, and they seem to have fared quite well!


In fact, coconut oil is a superfood. This whole scare against saturated fats is based on faulty western research – they are implicating cholesterol for clogged arteries, when nothing could be farther from the truth. They have been advocating a "low cholesterol" diet. The body actually needs cholesterol! If you don't include it as part of your diet, then the body will manufacture it, by diverting resources from elsewhere, so vital is it  for the functioning of the human body! Include coconuts as part of your diet, coconut oil too. Not only is it good for the inside, it is great for the skin as well; apply coconut oil every day before your bath, and you will yourself see the results in your skin. It is good for the hair too. One tablespoon of coconut oil every day, is an excellent health tonic, though for south Indians who include a lot of coconut in their everyday diets, this may not be required. For patients suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's, make it three tablespoons a day, and you will definitely see an improvement.


We are of course talking cold pressed coconut oil here, not that "refined" crap that passes off as oil.


There is a re-hash of that talk about good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, HDL, LDL and all that nonsense.  What causes clogging of the arteries is not cholesterol, but processed food, foods made from white refined flour, too much of sugar, etc. … all of which triggers an 'inflammation' response in the body – clogging of the arteries is this inflammation. The food lobby ensures that you lose your health by eating their food, and then the Pharma lobby steps in. They make you take drugs like statins ('blood thinners' for cholesterol) that have no benefit whatsoever but a lot side effects. In fact, if anyone is taking statins, I would say you should just stop it right now!


Towards the end, the article talks about a "new food fad", one that is also related to India – ghee! One that is also full of saturated fat! No doubt the distinguished Harvard Professor is getting funded by his backers in the food lobby and the Pharma lobby to conduct another research to discredit ghee. The food lobby needs to discredit these natural age-old dietary practices, so that their products can sell. The FDA is of course hand in glove with them – "FDA approved" only means that whatever slow poison it was did not end up killing people during the study; and in any case, any deaths that happen even later will show up as happening from a different cause.


There is a lot of research in the last few years that has concluded that saturated fat is actually necessary, and all the past research demonizing saturated fat, has done incalculable damage in the last few decades. The Harvard professor has no doubt been hired to cloud the issue once more.


When it comes to diet and health, ignore all the things these 'studies' say. They are based on faulty methodologies, faulty assumptions, faulty notions about health, and you don't know which of them is funded by which lobby. In any case, they keep coming out with contradictory recommendations.


So, where should one turn to for advice on health then? Try Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga, Chinese Taoist recommendations on diet, Chinese Herbal medicine, Unani, and pretty much any ancient system of medicine, and follow their recommendations.


And yes, avoid processed food. Say that ten times every day before you go to sleep, so that it seeps into your being. 

And have lots of coconut oil and lots of ghee.


Disclaimer: I am not a "doctor" which is why you should  believe what I say.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

She waits outside

We build our little houses
and feel safe inside;
Wall up the doors and windows,
wind and sun outside.
We make our own light and air,
they do as we say;
Forget if its night or day,
Masters of our World!

We confront Nature with pride,
for we own our fates;
Dam the rivers, wall the hills,
cut the forests down;
Inside our Ivory Towers,
We, the Conquerors!

We cut ourselves from our Source,
to which we are tied;
We feel that we have conquered,
For, Man shall prevail!

And then the ground opens up,
Beneath our very feet;
It rains fire from the skies,
Choking us in dust;
It pours and the waters rise,
Drowning what we built;
She brings the walls crashing down,
Over our little heads!

We feel scared, cower in fright,
looking at open sky;
Nature's come back to remind us, 
that she waits outside!