Monday, March 8, 2021


Greetings to all the women on this day,
Set aside to fete half of the world,
Enjoy the adulation heaped today,
But pray tell, why is today so special?

You are fully capable of living,
Without the men who only get in your way,
But you may not find that interesting,
When they see you other women don't stand and gape!

What will you do without the men in your life,
Without the attention, flirting, and the like,
You do need someone to carry your bags,
While you go shopping and empty the aisles!

What will you do without them to give chase,
Trying to impress and put on a face,
While you pretend to ignore their existence,
They are needed to brighten your days!

On this day give thought to the  poor men,
Who form the hindrances in all your lives,
And be happy you were born a woman,
For it's much worse to be on the other side!

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Religious Fervour

Vaccine hesitancy
Science deniers

Vaccine is like a religion. Those who point out obvious flaws, are labelled "x-religion- phobe".. how different is this?

Breathless anticipation, magic cure, huge queues to get the vaccine, rationing, desirability induced by limited availability... It is like in the mythologies Kubera decides to distribute his wealth, and people are rushing before it is too late

People with comorbidities ( a lovely term that has become popular of late) can "showcase" them to get priority for the vaccine... The language used makes it oh so desirable to have comorbidities.. those who don't have any must be suffering from a severe case of FOMO

What does common sense say?

All drugs are harmful ( chemical based allopathic drugs). Vaccines, more so. 

Drugs should only be taken when the benefits exceed the cost.

Germs are everywhere and there are trillions of them. We coexist with germs. Our body has evolved and is tuned to fight them.

To keep the body fighting fit, and the immunity high, should be the goal.

Fear, panic, negativity, and taking drugs including vaccines reduce the general immunity of the body, this exposing us to various diseases out there.

Covid is like any other flu, the fatality rate has not been higher , not now, and not at any point.

There is a concentrated media campaign which makes it seem deadlier than it is. 

 The holy grail of the pharma companies is to get healthy people to take drugs. Drugs for things which can only be cured by lifestyle changes. 

And the ultimate holy grail is to include new-born babies as well.

Let us not get carried away by the hype.

Let us pause and think. If society gives us the leeway to do so. In case of any religion, including vaccination, the climate is not conducive to those who question the prevailing wisdom or go against the prevailing zeitgeist, the mood of the times.