Thursday, August 24, 2017

They have shut Narayana Murthy up!

When the stakeholders are too many,
Silence is preferred to rectitude.
The sins of any large family
are never discussed in public view!

The immoral can be handled,
It suits the sinners to be so;
It's the principled that are tough,
They have a button called self-destruct!

The bull run amok in China shop,
Has a reason to be so upset;
No one wants to know - they shut him up,
Morality is always shut up!

The best way to retire is to fade;
Or take a ceremonial post
where you can mouth some platitudes,
But let the world go on as before!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Narayana Murthy protests!

The patriarch of the family,
fulminates from high moral pulpit;
They disregard his legacy,
and his quaint notions of propriety!

Retirement is but a mirage
if past attachments exert a hold.
Why can't he drop it, and move on,
with death knocking at his door?

To expand influence, he ceded control;
To amass wealth, shared the family throne.
The Bedouin let the camel in:
Now the tent is no longer his own!

They may be corrupt, degenerate,
but who listens to him, patriarch of late?
It is his family he hurts the most - 
No option but to shout; he lost control!

One is scared of high morality,
Of those who think they're above it all;
To protect the image they have built,
They will allow all else to fall!