Friday, April 14, 2023



How to make a woke movie

I had read about how moviemakers are writing movies with woke themes in mind. Didn't realise the full extent of that till I saw this movie "A man called Otto".

The movie hit me hard with its cringeworthy wokeness. 

On the surface, it is a feelgood innocuous movie.

But this is how the scriptwriters went about it.


Crimes against the less able 

White man with one neighbour black family

Bitter white man gets redemption due to immigrant  Mexican family,

Woman is the savior,
Smarter than men,


Transgender thrown out of his ( her, who knows) by dad, 
Golden hearted human being ,

Social media teenager fighting for rights,

Evil all white builder / developers as villains,

Weave everything together into feel good family drama,

Watch the movie at your own peril. You may feel disgusted at the cruel, male, straight, able,  white dominated world,

Or you may feel disgusted at the woke kitsch being served up

One of the two is bound to happen

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

👆 there is always something more than meets the eye.

Seldom is fulsome praise showered,
On even the most deserving,
From a place unselfish and true - 
Most people who praise are self serving!

It is rare to find an altruist,
Even among men of saintly garb;
The grist that goes into the mill,
Enriches the Miller and the Mill! 

Beware of all encomiums,
Even the seemingly unselfish;
Especially those who are in power,
Are used to it and deal with it well!

Flattery is to the sycophant,
Just a tool in his arsenal;
Censure and praise are one to the savant,
Who takes both in his stride!

Tuesday, April 11, 2023


It takes ten times the energy,
To counter something that's fake;
Those who invent fake narratives,
Merit ten times the punishment!

When fakeness is covered with wokedom,
Narratives don sinister forms;
Fake is the entire woke movement,
Perpetrated by so called victims!

It is time we called out their bluff,
Removed the woke monsters from their place;
It is time to shut down the asylum,
And reclaim sanity for the world!

Monday, April 10, 2023

Hi, I am Hanuman

AI is disrupting everything. Most jobs will be rendered obsolete. 

How to then survive in the new normal?

Chill, do nothing, get universal basic income from the government. Food will be available, transportation costs will be close to zero, and  data and communication costs will be close to zero.  But "amotivational syndrome" will increase. Everyone will be a bundle of insecurities complexes, phobias, manias, with fluid identities and no anchors . 

So, you will  immerse yourself in virtual reality games on the web. I plan to be Hanuman in that  massively multiplayer online world. 

Or, you can  take up jobs that AI cannot disrupt. 

 Cook. Barber. Senior Citizen companion. Dog walker.  Sounds very exciting no? 

Sports trainer is no good, Hanuman is not interested in playing badminton. 

Sex worker is an option but the person immersed in the online world will have only enough libido to spare for his avatar, in real life they won't be interested in sex. In any case, they will have lifelike sex toys with a million possible simulations. And given that they don't know what their identity is, they will be very confused about what kind of sex they want. And whatever they do, they will feel guilty about, they will be nervous wrecks. So they will just get back to being Superman or Wonder Woman in the online world. 

You can fall into one of those categories. 

Or, you can figure out how to add value. Do something that the AI cannot do. 

Any formal degree that you pursue may be obsolete by the time you finish the course. 

All universities will be shut. Learning will be free. You can learn advanced nuclear physics sitting at home even today at close to zero cost.  

But you will not have the motivation to learn. You cannot even bear to face the real world. 

So you get back to being Batman in your online Avatar. But  a Batman with a difference. A biologically male Batman, who gender identifies as a trans fluid binary androgyne, with the pronouns Theybe and Theynuts. Your avatar will be fighting real battles in that world, like filing a sexual harrasment case against Wonder Woman who is actually a half male quarter female searching for the right identity to fill the missing quarter in theythem's sexual identity. 

The real world outside with all its stresses like having to talk to people, real people, will be too horrible to contemplate. 

But wait, I am falling into the same trap that this generation is prone to, what do you mean "real world". I am Hanuman and my real world lies elsewhere. 

Let me get back into my world. Bye!

A short parenting guide

Teach your children to follow the rules where it is appropriate to do so. 

Give your children the courage to ignore the rules, and fight for their individual rights and liberties, when it is necessary to do so.

Do not be over protective of your children. They grow and prosper under your shade, but unless they are exposed to the sun, they will wither and shrink. 

Teach them the values of diversity and inclusivenes, of gender parity and fairness. But guard against the modern woke definitions of what these terms mean. Learn to recognise and point out to them where the world is going mad.

Teach them, if you can, the ability to focus on one thing for an extended period of time. 

Teach them that they can only expect  the world to do something for them, if they do something for the world. They are not entitled to preferential treatment merely because they exist.

Tell them that the path to happiness is finding that special skill or talent that they possess which will enable them to be of service to others, and to use that talent fruitfully. 

Teach them that money is only a by product, and can never be a goal. 

You wonder if  you have managed to learn these lessons yourself  in the first place? 

Doesn't matter, try teaching  them anyway. So that they don't repeat the same mistakes that we did !