Monday, December 20, 2010

Tribute to Tendulkar

(This was written in February, 2010 when he hit the first double century in one-day internationals. Revisiting it again on the occasion of his 50th Test Century yesterday against South Africa)


Scaling further heights of success

After conquering all known peaks

Requires a very different mindset;

It's with himself that he competes!


Recalibrating every time,

Not resting on his past glories,

He starts again; his enthusiasm

And appetite not allowed to dim.


Every innings a fresh outing,

Looking forward to joy of play;

He carries the hopes of a nation

Lightly, as not to intimidate.


He sets his own terms in his field,

Master of all that he surveys.

For one with achievements so mighty,

Frighteningly humble are his ways.


What gives him the motivation?

What does he look forward to next?

Reaching the peak of his profession,

Only he can set his next target.


At heart he must be a child still,

Looking forward to every new day,

With miles to go before he sleeps,

Starting his journey, setting off again!

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