Saturday, January 14, 2012

Captain no-longer-cool!

Captain Cool is finding it hot,
his admirers are turning cold.
Whatever the cool captain did,
is now dated, the story's old!

The batsmen have turned to fishing,
diligently outside the off-stump.
Oh, what a mighty side we were,
when scores were totaled on paper!

Gods don't retire, they are worshiped,
May he cross his hundredth threshold.
For one who has crossed ninety-nine,
The nation only lives on hope!

A tiger from his own jungle,
always thinks twice before stepping out.
Far from feasting on their victuals,
the enemies may tear his out!

The wounded animal goes back,
to his lair to recuperate.
Alas, in this case the master has,
for the next few years, booked the dates!

1 comment:

Srikrishna said...

Good one Dinesh.