Thursday, December 13, 2012

A tribute to Ravi Shankar

A rainbow that straddled the world,
Wowing both the East and the West,
With the traditional that he revered,
He broke bounds, mingling with world's best.

Bringing India to the world at large,
No better ambassador can be found. 
Who said "East is East and West is West"?
He proved him wrong, for through him, they met.

As did traditions of hoary age,
With the colour and dazzle of life.
His zest for life could not be contained,
By the usual rules that bind others.

At every stage in life he rebelled,
Breaking bounds, exploring the new.
But he kindled afresh where he went,
A respect for the past, born anew.

Genius cannot be contained by rules,
Nor should ever be made to comply.
His own path the Genius must choose,
Blazing trails for others to walk by.

Dinesh Gopalan
13 December, 2012

Dinesh Gopalan
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