Friday, January 17, 2014

The Son Rises

So the Congress has finally "announced" RaGa as the PM candidate. A development that was foreseen years ago. When the Prince is born, there is never any doubt that he will one day take over the throne. 

The Son Rises

The Son rises, or is rising,
or will rise, or has risen.
Look, there he is, bright and shining,
Point the coterie of sycophants.

They crowd, they point, they clap and cheer,
All Hail the rising Son, savior!
They cheer, they wave, point in wonder,
"He will ensure we rule for ever!"

The people crane their necks to look,
They shove and strain, so they can see.
But they can't see any light, nor splendor,
The Son is dark, meek and insipid!

His effulgence is seen to none,
He hides it, and he hides it well.
He simpers, and points to his crown,
But for that - clothes, the Emperor has none!

PS: This is what I had written after the 2004 elections when Madam gave the throne to her trusted deaf-and-dumb retainer to guard

Post Elections 2004


A queen raised to the throne by marriage,

Prefers to steer, but not drive, the carriage;

Holding the wheel of the gravy train,

With the driver, singhing in the reign!


Spurning the throne that is unstable,

While still at the head of the table;

Looking down, from a high moral standpoint,

At the turncoats, who would have her anoint!


Waiting for the Hand to become stronger,

And the whip to become somewhat longer,

The ringmaster removes herself from the scene,

While directing the circus from within!


Sardar ko saunp di gaddi sambhaalne,

Aur chali gayi bacchon ko paalne,

Phir aayegi apna haq maangne,

Aur saunpegi bacchonko, sambhaalne!

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