Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Big Data and Us

An NYT article carried in TOI today (link:http://nyti.ms/1aHHOnT )  exploring the new trend of "health trackers" - or wearables, which throw up tons of data, ostensibly to help us improve our health. I particularly like the British Medical Journal quote: 

" [the BMJ] described healthy people as "young asymptomatic, middle-class neurotics continuously monitoring their vital signs while they sleep" -


- what an irony-  this describes healthy people!...


Man has always strived to find the truth,

The needle hidden in the haystack.

That moment of light, burst of insight,

Darkness lit up by sliver of light!


Oh God, grant me the wisdom to see,

The truth of truths that underlies things!

All distractions lead to misery.

I need less of things, to know peace!


The age of Big Data is on us,

Zetabytes of useless things!

They invent things to find out stuff,

And drown us in data we don't need!


To stay healthy we need to walk,

But we have forgotten how to.

So the voices on our wrists talk,

Presuming to teach us when to move!


The tests have a hundred markers,

Each can be read thousand times a day.

Data fed to us chewed and crunched,

To make us worry in every way!


Data to feed our neurosis,

Enough of it to make us drown.

The swimmer needs to skim the surface,

Not gasp for breath with his face down!


Data, data, everywhere!

No time to step back and think!

No time to pause, or come up for air,

I want to fly; I wonder why I sink?


21 April, 2015

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