Monday, June 22, 2015

Modi's year in office

He is lying prone on the mat,

And striking classic yoga poses;

With a million cheering him on,

Of course, impeccably dressed!


He takes the US by storm,

Cheered by Desis at Madison Square,

A million are always turned out,

To cheer the ultimate showman on!


He speaks in quotes and aphorisms,

Perfect for the age of twitter;

He knows the art of byte-sized sound,

For a world that can't focus longer!


He shares the stage with world leaders,

In their home, visiting their town;

Hosts visiting ones on jhulas,

In his own beloved home town!


His ministers form a circle,

Whose role is to point to the center;

Lest anyone still misses it,

He's the one dressed in most splendor!


Each event of his is so well-timed,

Though he thought of it years in advance;

He won't let any good thing go,

For lack of timing, unheard, unsung!


He's got the teams to project him,

For any event, the right platform!

Laser shows during the elections,

Followed by one show every month!


He knows the art of projection,

Of waiting, and of deception;

With no family to distract him,

There's also the aura of renunciation!


He keeps his enemies at bay,

In different Machiavellian ways;

They cheer: those who wish to gain,

The others' balls: he holds in his hands!


Enemies have been known to vanish,

All but friends, decimated;

A man you  can't antagonize,

Either you cheer, or stay silent!


He has an event for the moment,

And several scandals held in reserve;

To release when the time is right,

When he's in trouble, or before the polls!


From the gullies of Gujarat he came,

To storm the walls of Lutyens' Delhi;

Over every person he looms,

Who stare in awe or cower in fear!


Who knows if this is for the good,

Or will lead to anything better?

A megalomaniac come to save us,

Or a mahiavellian deliverer?

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Unknown said...

Real good one Dinesh, very apt description.
George Lamannil.