Friday, August 28, 2015

Run by the Cloud

I think I'm living in the cloud;
Floating, dismembered parts of me,
attaching themselves on my Android.
My readings tell me if I'm complete!

For I'm an amalgam of numbers,
from brain scans to foot monitors.
Even the drugs are intravenous,
all through remote apps monitored!

For food I have different powders,
Customized for my body alone.
The food machine talks to the app,
Which feeds it all the formulas!

My choice of friends is suggested,
By this other app who knows it all.
It even books me in where required,
tells me later - wisdom of the cloud!

I read what's in vogue, wear what's trendy.
No need to think, I do what I'm told.
The apps: they do the ordering,
They talk to the cloud: They know, they know!

I don't decide the route to work,
Nor what I need to do, and how.
For that, there's an app on the cloud,
Which runs the schedules of the world!

The software knows where I will be
this evening, and who I will meet.
Its serendipity engine
makes sure, that, to me, it's a surprise!

There is faith, and people still pray
To the all-encompassing cloud,
Which decides who is the most pious,
and rewards him with a week of choice!

And no one wants to pray therefore,
For choice is a most difficult thing.
They'd rather their lives were run by the cloud.
It knows all. Isn't it a wonderful thing?!!

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