Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Big Billion Sale!

It is raining offers,
The skies have opened up.
People with deep coffers,
Are pushing their products!

All things needed for life!
Reason for life itself!
Things I can't live without,
Which, till now, I didn't have!

Existence was a void,
Which now needs to be filled;
Can't think of life devoid
Of vital essentials!

The ads scream out at me,
I'm missing out on life!
Missing prosperity,
I reach out for my purse!

All my wishes are Wants,
All my Wants, desperate Needs!
All my Needs are for Now.
And Now is but a click!

All the products are rushed,
I consume by the morrow!
Once I buy and it's reached,
My hunger is for more!

More begat want for more,
A pity, could've bought more!
I just bought the day before,
Sigh! Yesterday is gone!

There'll be no void in life,
Since all gaps will be filled,
With things that I can buy,
Now I feel fulfilled!

Dinesh Gopalan
13 October, 2015

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