Monday, August 22, 2016

Olympics 2016

One bronze and one silver,
Is not cause to celebrate.
Sindhu or Sakshi alone,
Do not a whole nation make!

We admire them for their grit,
In rising above the muck;
But to clean it, do nothing;
Apathy, progress does not make!

The officials fly business class,
Athletes have no shoes to wear.
Minister wants photo ops
Now, with those who have won!

We shower them with riches,
Afterwords: To those who won.
We would rather worship them,
Than send our kids out to play!

We troll De who dare suggest,
That, we, and our athletes suck;
It may not be to our taste,
But 'tis truth we need to accept!

A billion people watching
The only one to fight for Gold;
'Tis enough for cloud of gloom,
To have one silver lining!

Sports is meant for the playing,
Medals are but a byproduct;
Why not each chase our passion,
And, each of us, aim for our best?

Dinesh Gopalan
22 August, 2016

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