Saturday, October 8, 2016

Uri and its aftermath

A few soldiers killed at the border,
A Lakshman Rekha, Ram, and Ravan;
Since time immemorial,
The reactions are not just rational!

Sita, the symbol of national pride;
Outraged Ram, villain demonified;
War drums beat to rouse the nation,
and slogans, drumbeats of jingoism!

The soldier is held up and glorified,
In tearjerking melodrama;
Not to salute is vilified,
As the drumbeats rise in crescendo!

You are either for us or against us,
As the demagogue ruler said;
Any debate that eschews nuance,
Is tool of the masters, suspect!

The tribe was aroused to make war,
by rousing slogans, intoxicants;
Modern nations are no different,
They play the Piper's tunes, and we dance.

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