Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Narayana Murthy protests!

The patriarch of the family,
fulminates from high moral pulpit;
They disregard his legacy,
and his quaint notions of propriety!

Retirement is but a mirage
if past attachments exert a hold.
Why can't he drop it, and move on,
with death knocking at his door?

To expand influence, he ceded control;
To amass wealth, shared the family throne.
The Bedouin let the camel in:
Now the tent is no longer his own!

They may be corrupt, degenerate,
but who listens to him, patriarch of late?
It is his family he hurts the most - 
No option but to shout; he lost control!

One is scared of high morality,
Of those who think they're above it all;
To protect the image they have built,
They will allow all else to fall!

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