Monday, March 5, 2018

Rules for Food

Summarising my conclusions on food and diet.... This is what I firmly believe after a lot of reading on the subject:
Irrespective of what science says, according to me these rules apply

Avoid processed foods.
Cook at home or get it delivered from someone who cooks at home, next best is eating at a darshini

Anything that has a long shelf life is not food. Therefore, most of the branded foods we buy are not qualified to be called food

The source of your nutrients is more important than the count. Stop counting calories, stop looking at labels

Buy only what grows, and cook

Eat only what spoils, but eat it before it spoils

Eat mainly vegetarian food

Eat within hours of cooking. No fridge, and reheating very rarely

Avoid pasteurised and homogenised milk. Since any other kind is difficult to procure in the city, avoid milk

Ghee is good

Avoid refined oil. Buy cold pressed

Avoid table salt or manufactured salt. Buy raw unrefined sea salt or himalayan rock salt

Avoid manufactured atta, buy wheat and get it ground at the local chakki

Avoid microwaved food

Reduce the amount of rice and wheat in the diet, increase fruits and vegetables

As far as possible  trace all the ingredients in all your food right to the source.

Reduce white sugar to the extent possible

Avoid milk products, and bakery products.. Unless you make those items at home

First is to avoid processed foods
Then apply the above rules
Then, buy organic... This ensures good food practices at the source of the food production cycle

Dinesh Gooalan
4 March, 2018


Unknown said...

You right. These are in our scripts on food, health, exercise, sleep, do's and don'ts, mainly mental health that brings happiness and health and longevity. Here I have Added one more is pure oxygen breathing amidst greenery. In Kolli hills people easily are living healthy life upto 80 years. Mind plays important role in health.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Great insights. Thank you! Isn't Ghee a milk based product. Is it still good fit health? If you can also help understand which fruits and vegetables need to be avoided? For eg. I read that vegetable like potato having simple carbs is not good for health cause that converts to sugar. Can you throw some more light on this.