Sunday, August 19, 2018

She waits outside

We build our little houses
and feel safe inside;
Wall up the doors and windows,
wind and sun outside.
We make our own light and air,
they do as we say;
Forget if its night or day,
Masters of our World!

We confront Nature with pride,
for we own our fates;
Dam the rivers, wall the hills,
cut the forests down;
Inside our Ivory Towers,
We, the Conquerors!

We cut ourselves from our Source,
to which we are tied;
We feel that we have conquered,
For, Man shall prevail!

And then the ground opens up,
Beneath our very feet;
It rains fire from the skies,
Choking us in dust;
It pours and the waters rise,
Drowning what we built;
She brings the walls crashing down,
Over our little heads!

We feel scared, cower in fright,
looking at open sky;
Nature's come back to remind us, 
that she waits outside!

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