Saturday, May 23, 2020


We are afraid of germs, of the air we breathe, of fellow human beings, of stepping out -  all the things that keep us alive.


We now revel in fear, mistrust, paranoia, defensiveness, exclusion, isolation – all the things that kill us from within.


We have given away our freedom to choose, to the government. The government has taken away our freedom to move freely, breathe without impediment, and step out – all in the guise of protecting us.


All governments justify their excesses by saying that it is for the benefit of the populace.


My personal freedoms are being taken away in the name of protecting the weaker among us – in the process, they ensure that I become weak too.


There are two schools of thought about vaccines – first, that they are good; second, that they are bad. Which is fine. What is dangerous is the third school of thought that is sought to be imposed – that, if I don't get vaccinated, I am a threat to the others. Never mind if I think it is harmful for health, not only for me, but for all of us.  Like vaccines, ditto with masks.


Someone has ensured that worldwide, people are shit scared, and hiding from an invisible bogey-man. First, comes the fear. Then, the obedience. Lastly comes control. We are being primed.


Human beings are no worse than sheep. They are easily led.


It is very amusing how the meanings of things have changed. Virtue now consists of being scared; bravery consists of hiding; and patriotism consists of doing nothing and ensuring that other people hide.


The Bhagavad Gita has to be rewritten. Do your duty, Oh Arjuna, by packing your bows, putting your arrows in the cupboard, getting off from the Chariot, and sitting at home. And don't forget your mask! Your Dharma lies in doing nothing, your good karma in not infecting others, and punya consists of convincing others to do the same.


Politicians are smart. They have convinced us that they are saving us, while denuding us physically, mentally, and economically.


Everyone is busy hiding. From what? For how long? What will hiding achieve? What will be the situation a month from now, three months from now, that does not exist today? For what day of deliverance are we waiting? No one knows.


It is the media's dharma to keep sensationalising things, distorting facts, and misinforming us on a sustained basis – to feed into all our negative emotions. The current negative emotions the media is feeding into is Fear.


All faith healers, of every religious hue, are waiting for Corona to go away, so that they can start healing people again.


Don't listen to experts. Half the times their knowledge is suspect. Half the time, they have other axes to grind. And half the time, they lie. Three halfs add up to one and a half. I know.


Whenever you are fed with any information or opinion or advise, always pause and consider – who stands to benefit? This caution applies to advice about Corona too.


There is no slavery worse than slavery of the mind, where we willingly suspend our critical thinking faculty, and hand over decision making to "those who know better".

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