Sunday, March 7, 2021

Jayesh grows to be sixty

He is still kicking ass,
Working harder than before,
Chasing that pot of gold,
At end of start-up rainbow!

Gets up in the mornings,
Rushes out of the door,
Has a lot of meetings,
Many more than before!

Runs fast during the day,
Zipping through the corridors,
Setting right all that he sees,
Leaving behind messy trails!

Runs himself through the day,
Makes others do the same,
Today on his birthday,
He will do six sprints!

He was never like this,
When we knew him before,
He was the most chill,
Refused to exert himself!

God knows what's the reason,
What's pumping him to run,
But he seems to be having fun,
And that is all that matters!

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