Wednesday, January 11, 2023

A few thoughts on eating poha

Stopped on the way to Jodhpur airport just now at a local sweet and nashta joint for breakfast.

My co passenger wanted to buy Gewar. Fellow says, sir ye kal ka hai, fresh nahi hai, aap math khaiye. 

He checked about another item. The chap said it will become unfresh by the time you land, so please don't take it.

I love the Indians' focus on freshness in food!

Had a wonderful plate of poha followed by adrak wali chai, total bill thirty five rupees.

And our western Bhai log will have the same poha,

Heated, crisped, pulverised, with loads and loads of sugar, preservatives, chemicals, in a packaging with long shelf life, from only the best, most hygienic factories following good manufacturing practices, branded as Kellog's, , along with packaged orange juice from a factory, and coffee made with milk recoconstituted from milk powder and denatured, de "fatted", pasteurised, pulverised, homogenised, 

and feed it to their kids as something healthy,

And the kids, after eating such foods, will become obese and develop ADHD, both of which are of course diseases, the latter calling for mind altering drugs and the former for surgical intervention, 

And the modern urban progressive Indian elite will copy that lifestyle and frown upon their country cousins eating fresh poha , drinking fresh chai, and remaining lean and fit throughout their lives, and not spending any money in the process.

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