Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dust the cobwebs of the night

Wake up! Greet the morning light with a smile.

Wipe the cobwebs of sleep from your eyes.

Do not wallow any more in the night.

The world awaits your presence outside!


The birds greet the morning with joy unbound.

The earthworm peeps its head out of the ground.

The morning dew twinkles on blades of grass.

Wake up! Go meet the day, it will not last!


The river winds its sparkling way onward,

Carrying blessings from another land.

The trees are laden in the orchard;

The fruits, ready to pluck, on every branch!


The night has gone back to its lair,

Retreating against advancing sun.

It's time you woke up from slumber and stirred.

Arm yourself, step out, take on the world.

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