Monday, November 8, 2010

So what if she is Queen?

British Royal family joins Facebook - Queen Elizabeth is launching her own fan page ... royal family already has an account on Twitter and youtube... (news item on 8 Nov 2010)

So what if she is Queen?
She has to descend from her heights.
Curtsying fans, royal disdain
are past, in age of social networks!

They need to upload themselves
on myriad of these networks,
Then canvass for followers
who "comment", "like" and say "LoL"!

They need to pick up lingo
that's crisp, vapid, to the point.
They need to upload photos
that compete with JLo and Hilton!

They need to post virtual tours
of the Palace fans can walk through,
silly cavorts on youtube,
all of them fit to download!

Royal Gravitas is dead
in age of mass Royalty.
The person with the most hits
is King, but just for the day!

(Dinesh Gopalan)

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Super like :)