Monday, December 13, 2010

Deepika Padukone on Relationships

This is what happens when you go and ask a film star for her philosophy on life!


 Excerpts from an interview with Deepika Padukone (by Sneha Mahadevan – DNA dated 12 December, 2010).


All bold-faced items are extracts from the article in DNA – rest of the comments are mine.


Deepika says that in real life she is quite conservative in her thoughts about love and relationships. "If I am in a relationship, I give it my 200%. Maybe it is because of my upbringing or because I have seen my parents have a successful marriage. .. I am made to believe that marriage and relationships are for keeps… eventually you work it out if it matter to you… if it doesn't, then you move on amicably"


The new definition of loyalty apparently has to do with being loyal for the moment. "When I am with my boyfriend for the night, the one-night stand, and only the one-night stand, occupies my mind, my thoughts, and my body. I believe in being 300% loyal to him. This is because of the inspiration I got from my pastor at Church who used to tell us that Relationships are for keeps" – unknown starlet being quoted in Hollywood Tribune!   I am sure variants of that quote are being published all over the world at the moment.  Hail conservatism!


"When a relationship ends, you have time for yourself. It also makes you realize the importance of certain other relationships in life, which you tend to sort of neglect when you have a special someone. It has taught me never to take anyone for granted"


All the "others" in her life, who are not her special someones, are very lucky. She is likely to realize their importance time and again!


Though work helped her get over a break-up (with Ranbir Kapoor), Deepika suggests other ways to deal with a break-up too "You could get drunk, go out partying or maybe get a new haircut."


Lovely suggestion. If you see her bald suddenly, you know she is going through a particularly intense break-up.


Certain relationships help you develop and grow as a person. I have been single and I have been in relationships, both have their plus and minus points and I am quite okay with both. The best part about being single is that you are not answerable to anybody. When you are in a relationship there are certain responsibilities.


So when you get tired of your responsibilities, you should go and be single again? This is too complex for me. You can either like one or the other – actually, I am still trying to figure this one out. Deepika is too deep for me!


"I think one of the reasons why relationships don't survive is because you are constantly in touch. There is no time to miss that special someone. Earlier people had to travel miles to make a phone call or write a letter and that is probably what kept the relationship going"


Wow. She is the one who wants to give 200% isn't she? I am sure her boyfriend (don't know if that's the right politically correct word – should we use "relator" and "relatee"?) would have had no objections if she did not insist on calling him fifteen times a day or Videocon ten times a day.


I am still trying to digest it. Rajneesh or J Krishnamurthy are far easier to understand!


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Subbu said...

Good one!

Remember her name is "Deep"ika - 500% confused!

She shows lack of original thinking and pretends to be in the know of things. Sad to see Prakash Padukone's hard earned reputation going to mud thanks to his daughter's shenanigans!