Monday, April 4, 2011

Captain Cool

The whole nation accepts him as leader,
Perhaps as one who was born to lead.
He rose up from the small towns of nowhere
to captain the Indian cricket team.

He heads a team that is full of titans,
with egos fed on adulation.
To them, he is first among equals,
and they acknowledge him as their captain.

He is bold, but not seen to be reckless.
He is cautious, but surely not feckless.
He is rustic, in a charming way,
and suave, at home in any ambience.

He seems to hold his head under fire,
not carried away with every current.
In stormy seas, he has his own anchor,
which seems to moor him, and give him strength.

No one in India is acknowledged,
as completely as undisputed.
What is his appeal that they hold him
high and shower him with their esteem?

If it's hopes of a nation he carries,
he does not let the burden show.
Just watch him, taking to the shadows,
after every brief moment of triumph.

Dinesh Gopalan
4 April, 2011

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Sri said...

Very nice one Dinesh