Friday, April 1, 2011

The Tournament Finals!

Excitement risen to fever pitch,
Eagerly goading each other on,
The nation waits with bated breath,
For the tournament just anon.

To each it's like his own fervent wish,
what, this moment, he wants the most;
Multiply that by a billion,
number of hearts stilling with hope.

Why should one event mean so much,
Catharsis to an entire nation?
Can't we treat it just as a game,
Stripped of such high expectations?

Or is it that we need these rituals
of bonding in collective hope?
Moments of victory and defeat
that we all agree mean much more?

A coming together, a bonding,
eager awaiting of the outcome,
where everyone comes together as one,
and for once, prays to the same Gods?

Dinesh Gopalan
1 April, 2011

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