Tuesday, May 12, 2015

On Jayalalitha's acquittal

What happened is not surprising. It almost comes as an anti-climax since this was bound to happen.

http://www.dineshgopalan.com/2014/09/on-jayalalithas-arrest.html  - that's the link to my article on this in September - I think it is going as per the script! )

The HC acquits Jayalalitha based on the same document that lists out the reasons for her conviction by the special court! 

Jaya has always been unpredictable, mercurial, imperious, and downright arrogant. To keep someone like her in check it is required to keep a sword of Damocles forever hanging over her head. This is achieved by making a prosecution case that is tight enough to convict if required, and loose enough to acquit if the need arises. The multiple layers of Indian judiciary takes care of the rest. 

After the conviction, Jaya would have sent her emissaries to the Center to work out things. And things do magically workout once she expresses her contrition and assures support to the ruling dispensation. What only needs to be hammered out is the timing of each subsequent move. And the timing of this verdict is brilliant. Just in time to declare early elections, ride in on the sympathy wave, and, can you believe it, an anti-corruption plank! 

But then, this is not the end of the story. I expect an appeal will be filed in the SC, which will of course take its course. In the meanwhile, the prosecution can be as efficient or as lax as it chooses in ensuring a conviction. The sword cannot be put back in its sheath.

Jaya is a great ally to have since she is virtually a goddess who can ensure TN for the BJP. But goddesses are known to be temperamental, and destructive. Basmasura's  hand on top of her head ready to fall and incinerate her if she steps out of line - that is what is required. Which a well-timed appeal will ensure. 

Another goddess who has immense power, and is probably more unpredictable, though not as sophisticated, and needs to be kept in check even more strongly is Didi. The Sarada scam is good for ensuring that. There is enough evidence to convict; the prosecution can be as lax or efficient as it wants; and there are enough layers in the legal system. Being a Kali to Jaya's Durga, Basmasura will have to be deputed to keep an eye on her too.

The other  games being played out in our most populous state, is keeping the Pehelwan and his puppet son in check, along with his lady rival. But they are easier than the two formidable devis - they are much more practical, and not so mercurial. So in their case, the stakes need never be raised this high. A few well placed cases, along with backroom discussion, without too much grandstanding on either side should do the job.

Advantage Modi. Chanakya would have been immensely pleased.

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