Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Modi's oratorial tour of America

A great orator wows the crowd,
Cheering loudly to staged events.
Quotes by his speechwriters abound,
They've told him where to say it, and when!

You first declare Victory and Cheer,
Hope that the work will follow;
From the expectation and hype, 
Something solid, from something hollow!

He's beating them at their own game;
Spin, in the land of spin doctors.
No one today wants the details,
First comes the Victory, and Honors.

His counterpart won the peace prize,
Not for past events, but future hope.
Let's wave to the cheering populace,
Come brother: Let us take a bow!

When you can't control the outcome,
Which is really the workings of fate,
Thump your chest and loudly proclaim,
All good things are due to you alone!

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