Monday, September 7, 2015

Why are we so sure that vaccines are safe and good for us?

See below link to article on a doctor in the UK who fought and won a long and protracted battle against the establishment on the subject of vaccines. 

The current accepted wisdom seems to be to create vaccines for everything; these are essentially disease germs, albeit in a weakened form, combined with some other chemicals, directly injected into the blood thus bypassing the body's usual defense mechanisms. How can this be good, except in the rarest of rare cases?

When I was in Boston a few years back, I remember seeing posters in the subways showing a person sneezing - and alarmist words next to that - anyone would get scared looking at those. God! Someone is sneezing, we will also get infected. Rush. Rush and get the newest vaccination for the newest strain of cold virus, which of course keeps changing every year. Pump that poison into your body. And pay someone for it. And of course, anyone who so much as sneezes is a pariah; keep him away from us. This state of mind is constantly being promoted by the media and by the doctors.

Surely something is wrong somewhere. Human beings and "germs" have co-existed for millions of years. In fact, there are trillions of more germs co-existing with us within our own bodies at this moment; trillions more than the actual cells of our body in fact. If the body is healthy, there is no problem; it fights off all invaders including disease causing germs. 

The key is to keep the body healthy, not in pumping poisons into the body in the name of vaccinations. There are billions of different disease causing germs out there, which vaccines will you take? 

The answer, partly, seems to be whichever is the latest scare the media and drug companies have engineered, in order to create a mass panic - like sars, h1n1, ebola... :-)

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