Thursday, November 5, 2015

Early Cancer detection check-ups - shocking indeed!

The TOI is carrying full page ads today from Apollo Hospital Group, advertising early detection cancer check-ups for every conceivable part of the body.

As it is, preventive medical check-ups need to be avoided. This is just taking the thing to a whole new level!


They'll make you screen for every disease,
hoping desperately to find something. 
For hospitals were built with money,
and you,  my friend, are the guinea pig!

Cancer screening's the latest gimmick,
As if it's waiting to happen.
Diseases are life-changing things,
They strike! You don't go looking for them!

There's danger in early detection,
For no one knows the true progression.
Every symptom can be interpreted,
to mean threat to life, or dying soon!

Don't submit yourself to these hacks,
they'll probe and probe and find something,
to scare you witless, out of your life,
make you part of the patient machine!

Best avoid all medical check-ups,
It is your belief and your health!
Land up there only when things are dire,
For hospitals are places of death!

Dinesh Gopalan
5 November, 2015


Anonymous said...

I agree in totality..Btw , never knew you had this site..
I was missing your pearls of wisdom ;-) after you moved out.

Dinesh Gopalan said...

thanks, btw - who is this?