Sunday, November 22, 2015

Fantasy Worlds

All my friends' lives are perfect.
They're always happy, having fun.
All the things that are good, they do;
Eat, Play, Love, in airbrushed locales!

Pizzas in cheery roadside cafes.
Carefree jaunts in tourist boulevards.
Evenings in lively discotheques.
Always by the sea at sunset!

Branded lycra wear, morning jogs;
Cruising in river boats for the nights;
A life that is full of romance;
With partners that are equally nice!

Geared to arouse envy, it does!
It riles me, pierces my heart!
Everyone's having so much fun,
While, I through the day, have to slog!

Get the kids up in time for school,
Pack their lunch before I depart,
For my daily two-hour commute,
heading to full-day labor camp!

Through the day assailed with abuse,
Battered, beaten, shrunk, demoralised,
I head back home and creep into bed,
after dinner of cold leftovers!

But I have my revenge, I do!
My Instagram life is the best!
What I post there is fantasy,
To arouse envy in every heart!

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