Friday, February 19, 2016

Apple's courageous stand

Apple has taken a courageous stand against the US Govt. and the FBI, in deciding to fight against giving the agency access to all data passing through its phones.

The problem with this kind  of thing is that the establishment will always seek to portray the person who disagrees as someone who can make the rest of the people unsafe or uncomfortable, like linking it to the shooting incident in this case.  The establishment always likes to present situations in a 'you are for us, or against us' kind of framework. The person who disagreed is labeled as unpatriotic - the definition of patriotism derived from very broad, sweeping motherhoods.

Stand Up and Fight!

The Government is God; to hell with God.
Big Brother is never ever wrong.
'Right' is what the majority want;
The others? Deviants, cow them down!

Democracy, motherhood, apple pie.
What is Right is often so trite.
No Right to Offend, and Gay Rights,
Weeping copiously at refugees' plight.

Ban cow slaughter. If it's Halal, it's fine.
Who laid down what is good, and what is right?
Why is disagreement a crime?
Or all things defined in black and white?

More conformity means more power,
To already entrenched Big Brother.
Not all motherhoods are always right.
Hail the deviants, who stand up and fight!

Dinesh Gopalan
19 February, 2016

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