Thursday, February 18, 2016

A good template for a news item!

This news item about Nitin Seth, former head of Fidelity in India, joining Flipkart as Chief People Officer caught my eye for two reasons. First, Fidelity is the place where I last worked, and second, for its use of motherhood statements.   (

A motherhood statement in my definition, is where you can replace [Nitin Seth] or [Flipkart] with any other name or organisation and it will still be applicable; these statements can be used across contexts, in a variety of places - basically, a cut and paste job - and, on closer reading, you realise you have been hit with a lot of high-sounding words but are no wiser!

Excerpts from the article:

In his new role, [Seth, or replace with any name here] will lead the [human resource function, or any other function you want ]and partner with the leadership team to build an organisation for the future that is versatile and adaptable and bring about a distinctive culture that will fuel business performance, a company release said on Wednesday

Commenting on [Seth's/ whoever's] appointment, [Binny Bansal, CEO of Flipkart / replace with your company's top honcho] said, "Nitin brings with him a unique mix of cross sectoral experience, deep understanding of business, entrepreneurial DNA and a long track record of building and nurturing winning teams.

I am confident that [Nitin / whoever ]will play a key role in enabling the team at [Flipkart / replace with your company name ] to fulfill our long-term mission of transforming commerce  in India through technology," [Bansal ]said. (funnily, this 'long-term mission' can be applicable even to Coffee Day!)

[Seth /anyone] said he was excited to be part of organisation that is 'using technology to transform how a billion customers shop online and creating a massive impact in the country'.

I thought only MNC's were good at wordsmithing of this caliber. Flipkart seems as good as any of them - a truly global Indian MNC in the making!

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