Thursday, November 10, 2016


We always like to profess, 
that democracy delivers,
Where the people hold the powers,
But, we the wise, can teach them sense!

The rulers always become cosy,
In comfort of their feathered nests;
Keep the crowd fed and entertained,
the proverbial bread and circuses!

The tyrant who rules by brute force,
Or with fear of death Put-In,
Or takes the help of alien force,
So that they are not Sheikh-en;
The capitalists who line Wall Street,
and their cronies in Washington;
They are all birds of a feather,
And the people, poor sods, are prey!

There always rises a demagogue,
from this sorry sordid mess;
Who promises deliverance,
Feeding on the people's fears!

Ugly, brootish, ill mannered, 
cocking a snook at those in power;
The crowd cheers in eager hope,
And carries him in, on their shoulders!

They will soon learn to their dismay,
That once he reaches there he forgets;
Reneges on promises made,
Joins those in power in their feathered nests!

There is no easy way to fight,
A rot that eats from within,
Cancer cannot really be cured,
By desperation, or medicine!

The minds that control are addicted,
To pleasure and unhealthy living;
The body, alas, writhes in pain,
Till, finally, they both are dead!

Dinesh Gopalan
10th November, 2016

Dinesh Gopalan
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