Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Balamurali Krishna

He came to provide us a glimpse
Of what it means to go beyond;
Was he cause, or mere instrument,
Giving tongue to his Master's voice?

The singer gives birth to the song,
Every time he sings, a new life;
Into mere words he breathes a soul,
A glimpse of somewhere, something beyond.

A genius is a soul immortal,
Who happens to be passing by,
Giving us a peep into our past,
And the potential the future has.

We are bound in our space and time,
Limited by what we can see;
A genius taps into that fount,
beyond time, space, and causality.

A comet that blazed in glory,
In its passage through the heavens;
He continues on his journey,
We just happened to get a glimpse.

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