Friday, December 23, 2016

Memories of a Reunion - In Haiku form

My attempt at writing Haikus - this is as a result of my IIM batchmate Giri's prod on whatsapp today to write something about our 30th anniversary Reunion (held on the 9th to 11th of this month), in Haiku form.

First time I am attempting Haikus, so I crave your indulgence if some of them seem a bit clumsy...


(Haiku is a Japanese art form. Haiku in English usually follows the 5-7-5 syllable format, though this is not a hard and fast rule. It is usually about nature, or something the poet observes; two lines suggest one thought, there is a break in thought with the other line suggesting something else in juxtaposition. Supposed to be indicative, inducing thought in the reader, and not descriptive. It expects the reader to fill in the blanks with the mental images thus conjured. I just read the rules on Wikipedia)

A crowded city - 
No vultures on the tower,
Diclofenac deaths. (1) 

More and more students
Staying awake in the nights - 
Cafes on campus. (2)

A virtual world,
Professors struggling to cope - 
More brick and mortar. (3)

All concrete blocks,
I miss the old world charm - 
Back to Harvard steps. (4)

Louis Khan Plaza - 
Redolent Library books,
Which no one now reads. (5)

All of us older - 
Teenagers young and sprightly,
How time moves on. (6)

Sunlight through the walls -
This is the place where I studied,
And found my footing. (7)

Remember my love,
This is where we used to sit - 
Oh! How the time flies (8)

Now empty classroom - 
This once shady bower,
Where we used to meet (9)

The late night studies -
Chai and omelette at the gate,
Weekly trip to Lutf (10)

Vadilal parlour - 
Now I can't eat the Ice Cream,
Damn Diabetes (11)

Cranky professor - 
The dorm where we used to stay,
Happy dorm nights (12)

Life is sweet and sour - 
This is where it all began,
The sweetness remains (13)

I found my life mate - 
My father used to send fees
for me to study (14)

The same old buildings -
See those students passing by,
It was you, and me (15)

I wrote on this wall, 
How time erases writings - 
Can I write again? (16)

Morning sun shining - 
Some things I see only now,
Small, important things (17)

My teachers of then,
Now I want to touch their feet - 
I now understand (18)

Confused teenager - 
Three decades outside the walls,
Returning is sweet (19)

Come here oh my love,
This is where we used to meet - 
Our now daily fights (20)

How I came running - 
That same tree, that same room,
May be I have changed (21)

I see but see not - 
Are my memories what is here,
Why then this dull ache (22)

Climbing up the stairs - 
The stars shine in the night sky,
Too many lights (23)

Ant crossing the path,
It used to be paving stones - 
The sky looks the same (24)

Did I ever read - 
The people who crossed my path
Have taught me so much (25)

Place is scrubbed and clean - 
I picked up so many things
Most of it clutter (26)

How I used to be -
Full of hope, smiles and laughter - 
Life is now more full (27)

Convocation gown,
My parents watching with pride - 
Now they are gone (28)

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