Wednesday, December 21, 2016

By whom are we being led?

The Utopian ideal is here,
Holy Grail within touching distance;
All the beliefs we hold dear,
Are the true path to redemption!

Democracy, motherhood, apple pie,
Women in arms, on the frontlines;
Universal suffrage, gay rights,
Man's place too is in the Kitchen.

Secularism as negation,
of any religion at all;
Burkini fights, women's rights,
Compulsory bikinis for all.

Fifty six different types of gender,
Makes me wonder if I'm a man;
Political correctness gone amuck,
I'll shut up, I'm offending myself!

Cash is bad, the devil uses cash,
Upload all lives on to the Cloud;
Big Brother will be my Mama,
In charge of my online, naked life!

Globalisation, free trade, exports,
Nothing belonging to me is mine;
Silently the invisible Force,
has made us all to think alike.

The beliefs go deep, into our Souls,
That all of should be one, alike;
Are we thinking or being thought,
lIke sheep, to the slaughter being led?

Anything unique, artisanal,
Cannot be cast from the same mould;
Each turn of the wheel makes a new pot,
Beauty lies in none being alike!

The Lone Wolf I would rather be,
Cast out of the Pack, ranging alone;
Than part of a herd thusly led,
Why should all our fates be the same?

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