Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Asifa, and victims all!

Rape is to be condemned.
Murder, never condoned.
Those who loudly protest,
Where were they all this while?

Increasing crescendo
Of manufactured rage;
A trap they fall into
When they protest in outrage!

Why is rape more heinous,
Or worthy of notice,
In some cases, some not,
Who's the one who decides?

There's no colour to blood,
No religion for child,
Scream those still in outrage;
But still, someone decides!

Condemn rape if you must,
Or support the girl child;
But why do it this time, 
I'd rather protest against!

For not all rapes are same, 
Nor all children are one;
Nor do I wish to be led,
as part of unthinking herd!

Those who protest the loudest, 
Media, filmstars and the rest,
Care the least about us,
Nor child, nor murder, or rape!

I'd rather not be a pawn,
Played by some unseen hands,
As much a victim as her,
The one whose death we mourn!

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Prashant Kumar said...

An eye-opener.