Saturday, May 8, 2021

Nature will strike back

As people consume antibiotics, the "germs" develop resistance to them and become "superbugs".

The body has 100 trillion germs ( don't beat me up if it is a billion or two off, in case you happen to count). Of which ten percent is "us" and the balance is "outsiders".

If a lake is dirty due to stagnant water, and mosquitoes breed there, how will you clean the lake?

One approach is to pump the lake with poisons. The mosquitoes die, but the lake becomes more polluted as a result.  

The other approach is to let sunlight through, let the water flow, remove the weeds, in short let the lake's "prana" , the vital energy , flow.

Our body is that lake. Drugs, especially of the allopathic kind, are the poisons that we pump in. Antibiotics cause immense damage to the gut bacteria. It takes a couple of months to recover from a course of antibiotics. Vaccines are even  worse, they are a bunch of deadly chemicals. Steroids are very harmful too. At least these can be justified on the grounds of  "emergency" or "single use" , pay the price and recover later.

But what about lifelong drugs for lifestyle diseases, the blood thinners, the anti cholesterol medicines, the statins?  Rather than changing their lifestyle, people continue eating processed foods, ordering take-outs from restaurants ( which by definition is inferior), don't exercise... The list is long, and the effect on the health compounds over a period of time.

And then, when threatened with "germs" which by the way have always been there, and will continue to be there, they rush to pump further poisons into their bodies , and further weaken their immune systems!

By the way, those who think the vaccine is a one time solution are sadly mistaken. Each vaccine protects only against existing variants. The germs keep mutating, that is in their nature and it is   their dharma to mutate.

So the pharma companies will now  convince us that annual booster shots are required. It is not the "weakened virus" in the vaccine that one should be worried about, but the cocktail of deadly chemicals that it floats in.

The holy grail of the pharma industry is to make healthy people consume drugs, Including young people and children.

What is the point if only sick people take drugs? No profits to be made there.

And we are all willing participants, or should I say victims, in this deadly race to the bottom!

If we ignore the laws of Nature, Nature will strike back and we will pay a price.

We don't have to wait that long for nature to strike back, strike back it will.

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