Wednesday, May 5, 2021

The Big G

Big G, like Big B,
Is legendary,
When comes the Big G,
It's incendiary!

Big G's like wrestling,
With stubborn pit bull,
She gets hold of you,
There's no letting go!

Big G is prepared,
Does her homework well,
No one ever dares,
To call her to account!

Big G likes to see,
Facts and data points,
She throws them at you,
You will likely drown!

Big G sparks the life,
Sometimes bit too much,
Chaps get electrified,
Not just singed, but burnt!

Big G likes to say,
It, the way it is,
Anybody disagrees,
Then they really face it!

Big G, makes music,
Big bass drums, a boom!
The word then goes out,
One-Man army has come!

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