Wednesday, July 7, 2021


They who rush to play victim,
And decry their plight in life,
Are not truly as they seem,
'Tis just a game, that's Trump!

The Devil changes clothes,
Oppressor to oppressed,
Cries murder most foul,
Though he's wielding the knife!

Disconcert the enemy,
Use their goodness against them,
They who show some pity,
Have it turned against them!

They who would impose laws,
That are the most unjust,
Are first to cry for justice,
Equality, and fair trial!

They who rush to convert,
To their only True Faith,
Are first to rail and rant,
That no one can convert from theirs!

Those who are not  secure,
In their own Faith and God,
Are ones who need to gather,
More to praise and exalt theirs!

They who rush to play victim,
Are often the ones who do wrong,
For it's often the Janus,
Who is also Judas!

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