Thursday, September 21, 2023

Hospital California

There is this article in today's paper that NEET qualifying criteria for post grad medical seats are being reduced to zero percent, since many post grad seats are going abegging with no takers. 

This is how the system works. Politicians create medical seats to make money. They lower the qualifying criteria for admissions to fill the seats.

More and more doctors are created. Poor quality ones as we saw above, but the quality of the doctors does not matter, in any case even the best minds will be reduced to moronity once they enter the system.

Meanwhile more and more hospitals are being built. And Pharma companies are pressured by the shareholders for profits. 

Now the doctors need to be employed, and the hospital beds need to be occupied, and the Pharma companies need life long customers.

Enter the food industry. They ensure that people eat what makes them sick and keeps them sick. 

But how do you get people to the hospitals?  For that , you open diagnostic centres, increase the number of tests to a few hundred, and keep lowering the criteria on each of them, so that, if you go for a medical check up, you are guaranteed to be told you are sick. 

Once you enter the hospital, the whole thing takes care of itself. The drugs they feed you will ensure that you never get better. The medical system is one place where you can only check in, you can never check out!

Hospital California, here I come!


Anonymous said...

Astonishing policy. The dystopian cycle you have pointed out is true.

Poovaya said...

Well said Dinesh. I've had a situation where a Doctor at free Corporate check up advised me that I needed to take a B12 injection. Never heard of such an injection in over 40 years and even I heard the cost (some 12 Year ago) I realized how "FRE" the Corporate check up was