Saturday, October 7, 2023

Why not to trust the medical system

"There are two words that a psychiatrist fears" Prove it. This is Shane Ellison. He has a masters in organic chemistry and has worked for pharmaceutical companies like Array BioPharma and the infamous Eli Lilly. He perfectly summarizes the cold hard realities of the drug industry and what the true intent behind their research is. It has nothing to do with resolving the underlying problem, and only has to do with treating symptoms to can keep you as a customer for life. So what happens they run out of symptoms to treat? Invent more diseases and diagnoses with associated symptoms so they can continue to develop more drugs to "treat" them. This is what the DSM-5 is. When they find those drugs to be deadly or harmful in their internal research, instead of stopping the release of the drug to protect public health, they bring in their marketing department to come up with a manipulative and dishonest sales agenda to sell the drug to people, and then they talk to their lawyers and actuaries to discern how much profit they need to make to offset the potential legal costs and ramifications of their drug harming or killing people. All of this is fueled by money and bribery. Politicians are just the same as doctors, scientists, researchers, journalists, or any other profession people look towards as an authority for guidance or trust. If you pay them enough money, they'll say and do whatever you want. This is the system that allows for your 4 year old to end up on xanax, adderall, and prozac because some authority said there was something wrong with them, which they made up in the first place to justify the drug.

That is a tweet by Shane Ellison.

My views:

This is a good illustration of why you should never trust "authority figures" or the "system". 

If you want to be healthy, you need to make your own decisions. Which is scary. 

If you want to be  healthy, you need to educate yourself enough to be able to make your own decisions. Which is daunting. 

If you want to be healthy, go need to go back to ancient wisdom, to Yoga, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, the science of  Trophology... this is not taught to you, it will not be, since the education system is, after all, someone's decision about what you should be taught, and that someone does not necessarily care for our welfare. 

Which is a pity, since we really start believing that "modern medicine",  which is a byproduct of venality and ruthless exploitatation, is really more "scientific" than the accumulated wisdom of milleniums of human existence, passed down by sages and through  cultural practices.

We need to take control of our lives. 

Or else, someone else will.

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